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FOLLOW-UP: Downtown cleans up

Photos: Keith Thelen /

In downtown Mora today, the air was filled with the buzzing of chainsaws and the backup beepers on innumerable pieces of heavy equipment and utility repair trucks. With so many people hard at work, the aftermath of last night’s storm was quickly disappearing.

But, make no mistake – this is a big job. A few sections of street were still closed, and at least a couple of businesses appeared to be without power as of 1pm Thursday. Though the cleanup process is rapidly progressing, it’ll likely be days before the last of it is finished.


Many residents had tree branches and limbs to deal with, along with mild to moderate damage to their houses. Just about everybody we spoke with up and down Main Street had at least one story involving a wet basement or other secondary issues.

But some weren’t so lucky. This garage sustained major damage when a large tree fell across it. Workers on the scene indicated that injuries may have been involved; we’ve seen no official word yet. (UPDATE: Confirmed, one person injured – Times article here)


Our lead picture last night involved this vintage van, which was destroyed when a tree fell diagonally across it. Even for the most ambitious restorer, this one is likely beyond salvation.


Elsewhere around town, though, things seem to be getting back to normal (more or less). Many areas that were covered in debris last night are now cleared. Businesses throughout the downtown area are open, and people are able to move about freely.

Though the chainsaws and chippers aren’t likely to stop anytime soon, marked progress has been made in cleaning up after last night’s storm. Keep watching, where we’ll continue to round up details as they emerge.

UPDATE #1: Media coverage on the storm – stories now available from Kanabec County TimesKSTP-TV (with video), and WCCO-TV (photos only); others to be announced as we find them.