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Members make it happen

Christine Bergman, Ken Reine, Bernie Woods, Cheryl Wickham, Dorothy Watson and Marlys Renstrom.

Yesterday, as I sat in our monthly Delegate Assembly meeting, it occurred to me that we have an incredible group of members that volunteer their time to help ensure that our organization is consistently aware of particular needs in our communities. And… we are always looking for more members that want to be more involved. Maybe you have some hidden talent that is just screaming to be shared, or perhaps you prefer more of a behind-the-scenes sort of role. We can accommodate either style of help, as well as, anything and everything in-between. We LOVE our members and think that the more they are involved, the better we are prepared to serve them.

Membership in the Seven County Senior Federation is available to anyone age 50+ and is incredibly simple. It involves filling out a form with approximately 10 pieces of valuable information about yourself and paying annual membership dues of $12 for an individual or $22 for a household of two. Pretty easy, huh? And… YOU get to decide how involved you want to be with the organization.

So, if you’re not currently a member of SCSF maybe you’d like to consider joining us. We have fun and always enjoy meeting new people. Or, if you are a current member and aren’t sure where you can help, just ask. I’d be more than happy to share as much information as I can about this organization and all of the outstanding members we currently have.

Arlene Morgan, Bob Skogman, Dorothy Watson and Lila Skramstad.

P.S. This is just a small glimpse of some of our generally unnamed and often unseen members working for the good of the cause.

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