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Saturday in the Celebration Tent

Photo: Vasaloppet Facebook

All week long, we’ve been plugging tonight’s event in the Celebration Tent – a live performance by The Groove. But, just what does that mean? No one seemed to know.

So I made a quick phone call.


“Good morning, Vasaloppet Headquarters! How may I help you?”

The kind woman who answered the phone down in the old train depot had no idea what kind of act The Groove was. In the background I could hear her ask at least three other people the same question, but none of them knew either.

She did, however, provide a lead: apparently this group plays the Crystal Bar & Grill from time to time. So I made another call.


The gal who answered the Crystal’s phone seemed a bit surprised at my question. “Groovy music!”, she responded with a laugh. When I asked for more specifics, things got vague in a hurry: older music, good music, the band had been around for years, people really like them.

So, knowing the name and drawing on the word “older”, I took a stab in the dark: are we talking ’70s music, perhaps? ’80s? Someone in the background began to express agreement. Finally, we were on to something!

But then, just as I was about to drill down to rock vs. pop vs. whatever else, the party in the background threw a curveball: “And some music from today, too.”

Seventies, eighties, and today – it seemed we’d stumbled upon a bar band version of the ever-popular adult hits radio station.

The woman holding the phone then interjected that it’d be worth anyone’s while to come out and see The Groove tonight.

I may not have gotten the answer I was looking for, but at least we managed to shine a little light on what’s to come in the Celebration Tent tonight. If nothing else, there are three things we can say for certain: it’s neither country, nor polka, and it’s sure to be groovy.

If you go: The festivities start up at the Celebration Tent around 6pm tonight, and run ’til midnight. Food and drink will be served.

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Photo: The Groove, via Facebook

UPDATE: As Saturday night rolled around, familiar noises began pouring out of the Celebration Tent. I managed to catch them moving between tunes by Badfinger and The Who as I passed through. Though I didn’t have much time to listen, what I did hear sounded pretty good!

While digging through Vasa-related tweets this afternoon, I finally happened upon a relevant link: one for The Groove’s Facebook page. Take a look – once you’ve seen, it all makes sense. (They seem to have quite a long and interesting history… and after three decades, it’s safe to assume they know their stuff!)

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