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Going up!


I was passing by this afternoon as the tent was being assembled, and regretted not having a camera along. Thankfully, the Vasa marketing folks were on hand to capture the image I missed out on:

Vasaloppet Celebration tent was being erected today. Heat goes in tomorrow and opening party is Thursday at 6pm. Anyone involved with Vasaloppet in any way-volunteers, supporters, sponsors or just like skiing, are invited. Tim Sigler band Friday night and The Groove Saturday.

Sounds like lots to look forward to this weekend!


The Celebration Tent is a relatively new addition to the Vasa festivities, having made its debut last year in conjunction with the race’s 40th anniversary. It’s 6,000 square feet of heated space, with white canvas walls and wood-chips for a floor. During Vasaloppet week, the tent stands prominently downtown on the site of the old feed mill (at the intersection of Union Street and Forest Avenue, just feet from the finish line).


There’s food and drink, a dance floor, and a stage where live bands will perform.

Thursday: The tent will host a dance for volunteers and sponsors on Thursday night from 6-9pm, featuring the band Alpensterne.

Friday: On Friday afternoon, the tent is open to the public from noon until 2pm, and again from 4 until 8pm. Then it’s the big Community Celebration – doors open at 4, party starts at 8 and runs until midnight, with the Tim Sigler Band (a Minnesota country act) taking the stage.

Saturday and Sunday: The tent will be open on Saturday from noon to 3pm, and again from 6pm to midnight with The Groove performing. Sunday tent hours are from 11am to 4:30pm.

Want to know everything that’s going on? Get the full schedule of Vasa events


via Mora Vasaloppet Facebook and; photos courtesy of same

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